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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 104, with a number of improvements and new features. These include:

  • Image attachments that include text can now be searched, thanks to the new OCR feature that’s been integrated into the Bipsync search engine.
  • Support for Duo Two Factor “Push” authentication, as part of our Single-Sign On partner integrations.
  • Further additions to Automation Rules, including:
    • New “rule checking periods” for end of every month, and end of every quarter.
    • Date conditions can be set for user defined periods, e.g. 1 hour ago.
    • Conditions can be added for dependent date fields.
    • New action to “email the owner”.
    • All email actions can have a custom subject line.
  • “Unmatched tags” are automatically removed if they are manually added to a note.
  • The “new user email” that is sent when a new account is created now includes a link to immediately log in to the system (and set a new password), to prevent users incorrectly typing in temporary passwords on first login.
  • We’ve tweaked the note formatting toolbar based on user feedback: the strikethrough button is now displayed by default, and the Insert Image button, which is used less frequently, has been moved under the formatting sub-menu.
  • Improved support for adding and removing tags via the API.
  • Dozens of other fixes and improvements.

As always, please get in touch with your comments, suggestions and questions.