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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS is now on release 142. This release includes a new feature that’ll make users of our Note Templates happy, along with a couple of other notable improvements and bug fixes.

Template Gallery

One of our long-standing features was given an overhaul in this release, as we introduced a Template Gallery.

Templates are really useful ways to save a snapshot of a note in a certain format, for example as a tear sheet or meeting summary. Future notes can then be created from this template, and the basic format is already in place and ready to be filled in.

Now we’ve made it really easy to browse the list of available templates via a gallery. A visual snapshot of each template allows users to picture exactly how the template will look, and a filter makes finding the right template an effortless task.

The Note Template Gallery

Linked Dashboard Fields

Many clients configure their process management dashboards to relate to another entity within Bipsync, such as a public company. These companies often have dashboards of their own which can contain a wealth of data, from target pricing to purchase history. We were asked by a client if some of this data could also appear on the dashboards of the related workflow items.

Imagine a long/short investor doing work on hundreds of public companies. They want to populate the company specific dashboard with relevant fields such as P/E ratio, Net Debt, Dividend Yield, as well as other high level thesis and risk inputs. With some configuration by us, these fields can now also appear on the dashboard of a related invested position in their Investments Pipeline. Now they’ll be able to see this crucial information at a glance very easily, in a read-only format.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Numerous design and usability improvements were made to our Tasks feature.
  • Our Position Pipeline to Bloomberg export feature was redesigned and can now include additional data fields.
  • The quality of notes containing content pasted from Microsoft Word has been improved.
  • Contact grids containing a significant number of records now perform better.
  • Added an API endpoint which allows the upload date of attachments to be changed.

As usual, please get in touch with any questions about this release, or if you have any feedback or suggestions about the Bipsync platform.