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On Monday, I became the ninth full-time employee at Bipsync (the “Company”), a web-hosted research automation platform purpose-built for the investment management industry.

The Company develops a beautifully designed and data-rich research management system (“RMS”) solution, but the platform doesn’t just allow for the easy capture and organization of notes; it also incorporates next-generation communication and collaboration elements to enhance analysts’ and funds’ productivity.

Various RMS products have been around for several years, but what Bipsync is working on has not. With user experience (UX) design you’d expect from a leading consumer application, user workflow design from an experienced hedge fund analyst and best-in-class enterprise security, Bipsync is delivering a significantly enhanced RMS platform. 

The product is impressive; the people are smart; the market opportunity is huge; the office has robots1; and I’m really excited to be onboard.

Mid-post Disclaimer: Very Obvious Conflict of Interest

This post isn’t supposed to be a pure, shameless promotional piece. I’m genuinely excited to dive deeper into Bipsync. Allow me to explain…

During the exploratory period (i.e. my due diligence & the interview processes), I used Bipsync a lot – I needed to get a good sense for what the product was all about, of course, and not least because the interview process included a “mock onboarding” element – however, it’s been in these first few days as a Bipsync team member that I’ve really had my “aaaa-ha!” moment.

It’s been in these first few days that I’ve really experienced the communication and collaboration features; trying to give these features a test drive during the exploratory period, by creating multiple personal accounts and linking them in a “team,” was a bit like trying to play chess by yourself – sure, weird old men in Washington Square Park do it, but it’s just not the same as the real thing. Now that I’m truly sharing ideas, notes and comments among my Bipsync colleagues, as I get up-to-speed as the team’s newest member, I’m seeing “the real thing.”

I digress…

My role: Customer Success Manager

As Bipsync’s first team member fully dedicated to supporting paid fund customers, I’m responsible for laying the foundations of what will hopefully become a rapidly growing part of the Company. As my job description suggests:

You will be responsible for all aspects of managing and strengthening relationships with our customers (ranging from start-up funds to $20Bn multi-strategy firms), maintaining an excellent retention rate, and driving adoption of Bipsync across your accounts. As owner of the day-to-day relationship, the CSM makes sure our customers extract an incredible amount of value from their research automation investment with Bipsync.

My focus: (i) onboarding paid customers quickly and efficiently, (ii) ensuring those customers are deeply engaged with the platform going-forward and (iii) striving to make those customers feel happy and taken care of. Ultimately, I want to:

  1. Retain paid customers via annual subscription renewals, and
  2. Motivate paid customers to play a part in Bipsync’s sales and marketing efforts – nothing sells as well as a glowing recommendation / client referral.

As I see it…

With several paid fund customers already signed-up, and a solid pipeline of prospects, I’m proud to be a part of this team – now it’s time to contribute by driving client engagement and satisfaction2.

1At work on Monday, I saw a professional camera crew filming a robot as it rolled down the hallway. My office is in the WeWork space on 42nd Street. Together, it sounds like I’m setting-up the punchline of a joke Mike Judge might weave into a Silicon Valley episode, but I’m not.

2 It was really hard to resist making a cheesy Mick Jagger joke here.