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We’re excited to unveil the 2020-21 edition of The Ultimate RMS Buyer’s Kit for Investment Management

Designed to be independent and vendor-neutral, the new 21-page Buyer’s Guide, and accompanying templates and resources, charts the landscape of RMS options to help you address key questions and plan the optimum next steps for your fund.

If you haven’t deployed a formal RMS in your tech-stack yet, or are yet to evaluate your existing set-up for new market dynamics, this guide can help. You can download your complimentary copy of the Buyer’s Kit here.

What’s New?

A lot has changed since we launched the first edition of this RMS market guide back in 2017. Back then, we focused on core RMS functions of enhanced front-office productivity (a mobile-first, accessible centralized content repository) and compliant record-keeping (complete audit-trails and user adoption) for fund managers.

These all remain key requirements, but the scope has now widened; the continued professionalization of workflows and processes has strengthened the position of RMS at the center of investment processes, and the vendor landscape and functionality has evolved. 

A new imperative for research management solutions has emerged right across the industry. A host of external factors from growing compliance obligations to greater demand for operational excellence, uncertain macro conditions and rising competition – all point to new market dynamics that necessitate more accountability and productivity from the investment research process.

From GPs/ Alternatives to LPs and Allocators and Traditional Asset Managers, funds of all sizes and strategies are seeking new ways to extract greater performance from their investment research operations and streamline rising volumes of data. 

There’s increased demand for open architectures, a renewed emphasis on mobility and access controls, while interoperability, integrations, data normalization considerations and more are all entering the fray as critical RMS evaluation criteria.

What approach to combining knowledge, process and data management will provide the competitive edge for your fund?

This RMS Buyer’s Kit for 2020-2021 aims to provide the basis to help you answer that question, and more. 

How to Use this RMS Resource Kit

We understand that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. These resources are designed to be vendor-neutral to assist prospective RMS buyers evaluate the different options out there.

It suggests key considerations, approaches and features buyers should look for across different investment strategies and consumption models, making it easier to compare and contrast the diverse set of market offerings available.

We look at the benefits and trade-offs of different RMS approaches, to provide you with the background and tools you need to to embark on the best possible decision based on your own environment, process and requirements. 

We explore feature scoring attributes and include sections tailored for RMS evaluations in Public Markets, Private Markets, Multi-Strategy, Endowments, Foundations, Institutional Asset Managers and Pension Funds.

Use it to review feature sets, create scenarios and benchmark your existing set-up. Above all, use it to better understand the potential role of research management in the success of your fund.

Resources in the Buyer’s Kit include:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Fund RMS: Everything you wanted to know about RMS, packed into this 21-page buyers guide.
  • Sample Vendor Questionnaire and Functional Criteria: Key criteria and sample questions and themes for RMS vendor due-diligence. Use this as a sample template during any RMS assessment.
  • RMS Demo Checklist: The key areas to cover in any RMS demo to evaluate solutions consistently across key topics and requirements.
  • Research Compliance Must-Haves for RIAs: A comprehensive guide to the regulations that impact research processes, data and practices.
  • Questions to Ask on an RMS Reference Call: 15 critical questions for any client reference call, from features and functionality to pricing and configuration.

Head here to download the Complete Buyer’s Kit and get started.

Of course, if you have any questions, just get in touch!