Stay ahead of shifting regulations and simplify compliance processes.

Where Industry Compliance
Comes as Standard

Bipsync addresses your needs for pre-trade compliance at the research level from the outset.

The tightly integrated research environment provides an accurate and secure digital record of all your fund’s research activities. Meet electronic recordkeeping standards, data management regulations of privacy, availability and security, communications monitoring and control, and more.

For Compliant Research Management and Reporting

Bipsync does more than help you stay compliant; it helps you demonstrate it too with our feature-rich Compliance Management Suite.

Purpose built to streamline the reporting, discovery and audit of your fund’s research data, it’s your dedicated secure portal into all research activity within Bipsync. Proven to dramatically simplify audit requests and reporting, discovery requests that could take weeks take just seconds with Bipsync. So whether you need fund-wide visibility or narrow granularity, you can get the insight into the research activity you need, at your fingertips.

User Adoption Boosts Compliance

You can have the most compliant RMS possible, but if your analysts aren’t using it, it counts for nothing.Unlike traditional approaches to RMS, plagued by restrictive user experience and low-adoption, Bipsync’s intuitive interface and high user adoption works to support your compliance program. Analysts no longer seek out insecure, non-compliant consumer alternatives; they get a compliant tool they love to use day-in day-out, and you get the most complete audit trail of research activity.

With Bipsync’s reporting capabilities, we have reduced the manual workload required for producing one of our compliance reports by at least 80%

— Compliance Associate, $11Bn Fund Manager

We found the platform to be super customizable. In the conversations we were having with other companies, we found that we needed to fit our research and investment process into their platform. With Bipsync, it felt like the opposite.

— Jeremy Frenkel, Equity Analyst at Colorado Public Employees Retirement Assoc.

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