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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS is now on release 136, while version 1.31.5 of Bipsync Notes iOS is now available on the App Store.

Clone Notes in iOS

Bipsync’s web app has long supported creating duplicates of notes. Not to be confused with Note Templates, used to create consistent, repeatable content formats, the duplicate note functionality instead allows users to clone a note in its entirety, including its title, tags, fields and content.

This feature is now available in the latest release of our iOS app, Bipsync Notes. To access it, tap the ‘More’ button in the bottom toolbar, and choose ‘Save as Duplicate Note’ from the pop-up menu.

Creating a Duplicate Note.

Reply to Email Notifications as Comments

Many of our clients have taken advantage of Bipsync’s Rules engine to automatically distribute certain notes as emails to selected groups of users, depending on factors such as when certain tags applied to content.

A client recently requested to allow replies to these emails to be converted into comments within the Bipsync RMS, which would then appear alongside the note in the RMS. From this release, this functionality is now supported. Even when content leaves the system, there’s a convenient way to maintain a consistent record of your communication and feedback on your investment research in Bipsync.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • When exporting a note as a PDF from Bipsync Notes iOS, any tags that have been added to the note now appear in the export.
  • The format of dates that appear in field date pickers is now configurable.
  • International date format support for date fields.
  • When emailing notes out of Bipsync, it’s now possible to configure whether note metadata appears above or below the note content.
  • Attachment checksums are available from API endpoints.

As usual, please get in touch with any questions about this Bipsync Research Management System RMS release, or if you have any feedback or suggestions about the Bipsync platform.