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We’ve updated the Bipsync Research Management System RMS to release 97, with a variety of improvements including a revamped stock price chart with enhanced custom data functionality, and a new audit trail view in the compliance app.

Stock Price chart in RMS (small)

Stock Price chart in RMS (large)

  • The stock price chart that appears on Company, Idea and Investment dashboards has been revamped. Since the last update to the chart in April 2016, customers have told us that the ability to plot custom fund data is great, but the technical analysis features could add unnecessary visual noise. With this feedback in mind, we’ve:
    • Simplified the look of the chart and removed the technical analysis lines.
    • Improved the custom data functionality with the addition of an optional Position Size plot (fed from your internal PMS data).
    • Improved the display of related notes, so that they appear embedded on the stock price line with note titles.
    • Added the ability to download an image of the chart.
    • As before, you can still plot custom field/data on the chart (e.g. price targets, catalyst dates); these can now also be toggled on/off by clicking the relevant key in the legend.
  • The compliance app has received a couple of improvements:
    • A new audit trail view to see all interactions with notes and files, including when users edited a note or downloaded a file.
    • The note author is now displayed in PDFs exported from the compliance app.
  • More new automation rulesintroduced in release 94, with the addition of conditions for note attachments, e.g. trigger a rule when a note contains an attachment with “model” in the file name.
  • A new configuration option for subscriptions, so that “summary emails” can be sent at multiple times during the day, rather than just once a day. If you’d like us to configure your installation so that summary emails are sent at specific times in the day (e.g. at 12pm and 6pm), let us know.
  • The archiver (that creates optional human-readable backups, rather than our automated database backups) has been improved, with additional data in the backup (e.g. user information) and the option to export notes into directories by company and/or note type.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please get in touch.