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The ability to create and consume research notes on your mobile device has always been central to the Bipsync platform. Our native iOS app – Bipsync Notes – is purposefully designed with a minimal interface to enable analysts to get to what they need fast; out of the office, online and offline.

“A simple-to-use cloud-based product, with excellent mobile functionality.”
Managing Partner and CIO of long-short equity fund.

Our users loved our mobile note-taking functionality from the outset, and we continue to focus on improvements to Bipsync Notes far beyond a simple digital notepad. With secure access to browse, capture, edit and share research and files direct from the app, wherever you are, here are just a few of the iOS features that keep our users fast and productive:

1. One-Tap Save Articles into Bipsync with the Web Clipper

For investment professionals that consume research on their mobile device, this is a must have. Quickly save any articles of interest into Bipsync to be read or referred to later. When enabled, the ‘Clip to Bipsync’ option is visible in the Share Menu so you can tap the icon to clip the web page directly into the system of record.

2. Speed Up Information Capture with Templates

Whether meeting agendas or earnings call summaries, analysts create the same note types all the time. We all know that the combination of (sometimes) large fingers, small on-screen keyboards and lack of peripherals makes it difficult to write on an iOS device compared to a desktop machine. That’s compounded when you’re working with complicated layouts. Users don’t always have the luxury of waiting to get back to their desktop to capture their thoughts either, so the ability to easily build note templates ahead of time, and populate them with content in the iOS app when and where they need is particularly popular.

3. Share and Collaborate from the App

Sharing notes and content with other users within Bipsync is an integral part of the research process. Notes can be shared with the entire fund, one or more user groups or individuals, or made private, right from the Bipsync Notes app. Users also love the app’s extended sharing functionality, where you can save notes as PDFs and share via iMessage, the system clipboard and so on, or send notes as an email directly from the app. So, when you need to email a note about an earnings call to your team or quickly share a note from the conference floor with your PM, select recipients from a searchable list of users and groups and off you go.

4. Browse and Preview File Attachments

You can enable the automatic synchronization of all your attachments to your device. So whether  you need the most up-to-date model ahead of a meeting, a tearsheet to run through on the plane, or to review all content associated with a company over the last two quarters,  you can choose to sync specific attachments or those from the last one, three or six months – or select to sync them all, as you need. Our PDF viewer is also particularly popular, with a gallery view and powerful search and bookmarking functionality that makes browsing documents even easier.

5. Configure Text Size

It sounds simple, but the “Note Text Size” setting in Bipsync Notes is a favorite for analysts on the move. Users either select “auto”, in which case the app will respect iOS’ Dynamic Text setting and automatically adjust to the correct size for readable text, or fixed to one of three values: “small”, “medium” or “large”. Our users find the “small” setting particularly valuable for making private notes with sensitive information in crowded public places, for example when at a busy industry conference.

You can read more on Bipsync’s Mobile Research Management Software here or get in touch to learn more on how to securely push a consistent, intuitive user experience wherever you need it.