Mobile RMS

Securely push a consistent, intuitive user experience wherever your team productivity needs it; anytime, anywhere.

Bipsync Notes for iOS

Bipsync Notes is our native iOS app. It gives users secure access to browse, create, edit and share notes, files, tasks, and calendar events on their iPad or iPhone.

  • Create and consume content in meetings and on the move.
  • Offline support to read and write notes, tasks, and events anywhere.
  • Automatically synchronize data across your devices.
  • Organize content with companies, contacts, labels and other tags.

Bipsync is designed for usability and built to compliance and security standards. With encrypted data transfer, password encryption, optional two-factor authentication and certificate-based security, your firm can get moving with confidence.

One Bipsync Experience,
Any Location

We built the Bipsync platform with a flexible productivity environment at its core, designed to be accessible and easy-to-use at the office, at home, or on the go.

Research Anywhere

Bipsync’s Research Management Software works wherever you do. Our accessible, mobile and intuitive RMS lets users find, capture and share information and data when it matters. With security and compliance built-in.

Our modern web app, native iOS app and desktop app keep team members fast and productive and their data secure, so they can view research, take notes, and collaborate on projects when and where it counts.

With Bipsync’s reporting capabilities, we have reduced the manual workload required for producing one of our compliance reports by at least 80%

— Compliance Associate, $11Bn Fund Manager

We found the platform to be super customizable. In the conversations we were having with other companies, we found that we needed to fit our research and investment process into their platform. With Bipsync, it felt like the opposite.

— Jeremy Frenkel, Equity Analyst at Colorado Public Employees Retirement Assoc.

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