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Unlike other RMS on the market, our clients use (and by that we mean, choose to use) Bipsync as a day-to-day productivity environment; users generate, share, store and most importantly use and apply information within the system.

We’ve written extensively on how our approach to user engagement benefits compliance, process management, reporting/analysis and so on – but it’s also vital for personal productivity and fund collaboration. Which is where Bipsync’s Tasks feature come into its own. So, here’s a quick rundown of how our integrated Task Management functionality supports both individual and team efficacy.

Connect tasks to research, in the place where you work

Bipsync Tasks enables users to assign, progress and view tasks –  and all associated context –  in one place, as part of an integrated research process. When analysts and PMs add tasks that are linked and associated with entities in the Bipsync system, it’s no longer a detached “to do” list floating around in your inbox, but instead directly connected to the content and context you need to progress the task at hand.

It’s also designed to be lightweight and easy to use, so individuals and teams can keep project momentum moving forward, without intrusive processes getting in the way of workflows.

Here’s the 10,000 ft view:

  • Organize and tag tasks by company, industry, contact, investment idea, label, and other custom classifications.
  • View tasks dashboards, browse your tasks on your hone dashboard, for example, or only those for a particular company on an entity dashboard, e.g. click on the Apple company to view only tasks associated with Apple.
  • Assign a task to yourself or team member, with priorities and due dates – keep them private, or share with specific users, groups or the entire fund.
  • Organize your personal task and “to do” lists with colors, drag-n-drop ordering and sub-tasks.

Combine with automation rules and notifications

Where Bipsync Tasks really comes into its own though, is how it’s knitted into the wider research platform functionality; particularly how Tasks combines with the Bipsync notification system and automation rules engine. So, for example you can:

  • Choose to receive in-app and/or email notifications when a task is assigned to you, when someone completes a task, when new tasks are created, and more.
  • Apply any combination of automation rules to tasks to support your fund’s specific workflows; get a list of all tasks relating to key projects at the end of the day, email a status round-up to the project team every Friday, automatically share certain tasks with a particular teams, and so on.

How our clients use tasks with research pipelines

A common use-case, right across client type and fund strategy, is applying Tasks and Rules within Idea Pipelines. Here, Bipsync’s automation engine runs rules that will automatically set, assign and share Tasks when any number of certain conditions are met. The world really is your oyster when it comes to conditions and actions that optimize your fund’s own specific processes, however a few popular examples include:

  • Input further management profile detail: When a Fund is moved into the “To contact” stage of an allocator’s prospect pipeline, create a task to “Complete Management Profile,” assigned to relevant analyst and shared among the relevant team.
  • Price target monitoring: When the price for a security in the “Monitoring” stage of a pipeline hits a specific target, trigger a notification to team and set-task for owner to review idea status.
  • Request PM’s review when idea is ready to pitch: When an Investment Idea is moved into “Ready to Pitch” stage of a Pipeline, create a task for the PM to review and approve, and a subsequent task for the assigned team to prepare for pitch meeting.
  • Highlight stale investment research: When a position has not been updated in X months, set a task to notify the owner that the investment idea needs updating within a given timescale.
  • Notify compliance re: do not trade list: If content is created and tagged to a company which matches a “do not trade list”,  create a task for Compliance to review.

And there you have it; a very high-level overview of Bipsync’s Task Management feature. For more details, just get in touch, and you can take a look at our rolling release notes relating to Tasks on the blog.