Process Management

Optimize research processes from idea to investment

Custom Dashboard

Capture quantitative fields in a single system of record, aggregate internal and external data and display custom content on detailed dashboards, tailored to your needs. ESG, structured, un-structured – no matter what type of data you rely on Bipsync can capture and display it alongside every type of content – company, contact, idea, etc. – with all input and visualization components completely under your control.

Robust Rules Automation

Create powerful custom automations for your research. Fully configurable to your fund, you’ll find endless possibilities for applying Research Automation Rules
to your processes to help standardize workflows, enhance productivity and automate tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Want an automatic summary list of all your tasks at the end of the day? Email overdue tasks to the PM once a week? How about the ability to share tasks that match certain conditions with a particular user group? Rules can automate all of that and much more.

Emerging Assets

Hedge Funds worldwide are increasingly turning to technologies that can aid in mining actionable insights from vast swarths of regular and alternative-data. Including, but not limited too, crypto currency and ESG funds. Bipsync highly configurable dashboards and natively open API, allow for all sorts of data and information to be piped in and displayed how you want it on the dashboard.

With Bipsync’s reporting capabilities, we have reduced the manual workload required for producing one of our compliance reports by at least 80%

— Compliance Associate, $11Bn Fund Manager

We found the platform to be super customizable. In the conversations we were having with other companies, we found that we needed to fit our research and investment process into their platform. With Bipsync, it felt like the opposite.

— Jeremy Frenkel, Equity Analyst at Colorado Public Employees Retirement Assoc.

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