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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS is now on release 131. The key feature in this release is a new dashboard widget, but many other improvements and fixes serve to make this a comprehensive update. Here’s an overview:

Dashboard Grids for Companies, Contacts and More

Our dashboard grid widgets allow objects to be listed and filtered within a flexible, customizable interface. Available to date as part of Bipsync’s Process Management Suite, in this release we’ve made them available to all RMS dashboards. This means they can be used to display companies, contacts, and any custom fund objects that has been configured.

Each grid supports column configuration, filtering, and file export. They can also be styled and resized to suit your needs.

In the example below we’ve configured a grid for contacts that have been stored within Bipsync, which would be useful to any fund using Bipsync’s powerful CRM features:


These widgets further extend the capabilities of Bipsync’s dashboards. If you’d like to take advantage of these grids on your installation, please let us know.

An Improved Mobile Device Experience

Many of our users rely on our responsive web app to access their research on a variety of mobile devices, from iPads to Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy. The responsive app offers the same functionality as the web app when viewed on a desktop browser, but the experience is tailored for the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices.

In this release we’ve focused on improving the responsive experience so it’s more fluid. A number of new devices have hit the market in recent months, such as the 10.5″ iPad, and we’ve taken care to ensure that Bipsync renders and behaves well on all of them.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added the ability to add and remove hyperlinks from HTML fields.
  • Users who request a PDF export of a note will receive an email notification when the export is complete.
  • Custom headers can be added to emails that are sent from Bipsync. This is useful for Global Relay integrations.
  • Several other small improvements and bug fixes.

As usual, please get in touch with any questions about this Bipsync Research Management System RMS release, or if you have any feedback or suggestions about the Bipsync platform.