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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 110, with new features and improvements that include:

Search term highlighting in PDFs

You asked, and we delivered.

When you perform a search in Bipsync and an attachment matches, the search term now highlights throughout the document when you preview it. Use the left and right arrows in the attachment preview search bar to jump between match occurrences in the document.

You’ll also notice a new optional thumbnail side-bar in the viewer, along with other feature additions. To revert to the default viewer of your browser, go to “Settings > Preferences > Use built-in PDF viewer” and change the setting to Off.

Chart Dashboard Component

The Chart Dashboard Component is a new beta-release component that can be added to custom dashboards via the front-end Dashboard Editor. Each chart can display numerous overlapping plots on multiple y-axes from multiple data sources, including from dashboard field values – and can therefore be updated via the API, Excel data sync, etc. Charts can also fetch data on the client side from your local fund APIs, which means that the data never goes via the Bipsync servers – its goes directly from your API to your users’ browsers.

You can add as many charts as you’d like to a dashboard, in different positions, sizes and styles. Ask your customer success manager if you’d like to explore opportunities for displaying your fund data on dashboard charts.

Other Improvements

  • In release 108, we added the ability to resize the three main columns in Bipsync. In this release, you can make the left two columns narrower, for when you’re working on a laptop or other desktop device with a smaller resolution.
  • A new automation rule action for “Add a task…”, so that when a particular condition is met, a Bipsync task is created.
  • When typing another user’s name, for example to share a note or assign a project or task, you can now search by their initials as well as their name.
  • Inactive projects, for example exited Positions or rejected Ideas, no longer display in the search results.
  • Various API additions and improvements

Please get in touch with your questions, suggestions and feedback.