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Release 111 of the Bipsync Research Management System RMS is out now, with improvements that include:

RMS Pipeline Filter

  • The Pipeline dashboard has been improved with new options to individually personalize the behavior of the interface, including:
    • Wrap text in cells rather than cut-off on one line.
    • Display vertical grid lines.
    • Shade alternate table rows.
    • Display in a “condensed” mode with smaller text and less padding.
    • Toggle the ability to resize┬ácolumns.
  • In addition, a newly designed pipeline filter makes it easier and faster┬áto filter large data sets, including the ability to filter numeric and date values on ranges, i.e. between one value and another value.

  • We introduced the flexible Chart Dashboard Component in release 110, which can plot any type of chart from JSON, XML or CSV data in Bipsync fields or from external data sources. In release 111, you can now also use aggregate data from your pipelines or companies to display charts, e.g. display a pie chart of how many Ideas are Long vs Short.
  • Automation Rules can now be configured to run every weekday, Monday through Friday.
  • The search and “Go To” keyboard launcher have been adjusted to better prioritize exact ticker matches.
  • Performance improvement for installations with thousands of contacts.
  • Dozens of other fixes and minor improvements