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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS is now on release 103, with a number of updates and improvements that include:

Improvements to Note Comments

In release 102, as part of Advanced Subscriptions, comments received numerous upgrades including @mentions of user groups and inline #tags. We continue to build on these improvements in this release, focusing on note comments.

We’ve introduced a new beta feature where note comments can now display in a new “side bar” mode. This aligns all inline comments in a column to the right of a note, similar to Microsoft Word comments. Comments in the side bar scroll as you move through the note, and are visually connected by a line, so you can always see the comments that are relevant to the current part of the note you’re reading.

Inline comments are now also given a unique color per user, to make it easier to see which users have commented on which parts of the note.

For those that want to use the new “side bar” mode as the default display for comments, a new setting is available under Settings > Preferences > Display settings.

Note comments also now support replies and threads. This is compatible with the inline comments and the new side bar mode, so you can discuss a part of the note with replies rather than having to add multiple inline comments to the same part of the note.

In this release, we’ve also improved the style of the pop-up that displays when you hover your mouse over an inline comment, to make it easier to read and to support longer inline comments.

Improvements to Dashboards / Fields

Way back in release 84, we added a feature to update fields for a particular company/idea/etc. in Bipsync via an Excel file, where the file had to be attached to a note that was tagged to the particular company/etc. We expanded that functionality to allow you to update multiple companies/ideas/etc. at once from a single Excel file, using something called the bipsyncEntityIdentifier in a spreadsheet, which had to appear in the column header above the tickers.

In this release we’ve added a further option, the bipsyncEntityCell, which you can use in an Excel comment to specify the cell that has a single ticker in it, and Bipsync will update the fields for that company. It’s a cross between the previous two features: you can update fields for a single company from an Excel file, but that file no longer has to be attached to a note or tagged in any particular way because the file will specify which ticker to update with the bipsyncEntityCell comment identifier.

Other improvements include:

  • Improved support for specifying number of decimal places for Number fields, e.g. two decimal places for prices.
  • Improved support for negative numbers in Number fields.
  • Fixed an issue with sorting Pipeline Dashboards by a date field
  • “Calculation” values on Pipeline Dashboards can now use dynamic Market Data as part of the calculation, e.g. you can configure a column that displays the difference between your price target and the current price.
  • Improved formatting of numbers imported from Excel spreadsheets.

Improvements to Files

  • You can now use files as part of your workflow rules, e.g. create a rule condition for when an Idea has a file with “model” in the title.
  • Files now generate activity for Subscriptions, so you’ll receive relevant subscription updates when a new file is added, deleted or modified.

Display Note Titles in Full

A new option in the middle notes list, “Show Long Titles in Full“, displays note titles over multiple lines, rather than truncating to a single line.


Email Improvements

  • Improvements to the formatting of emailed notes.
  • Emails can now display their “created” date as the original received date of the email, rather than when it was forwarded into Bipsync. Let us know if you’d like this enabled.
  • Automatic tagging of emails to contacts has been improved, so that contacts can also be matched and tagged from multiple people in the “To:” line, rather than just the “CC:” line.

As usual, please get in touch with your suggestions and questions.