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Bipsync’s Research Management Software works wherever you do. Our accessible, mobile and intuitive RMS lets analysts find, capture and share information and ideas when it matters. With security and compliance built-in.

Our modern web app, native iOS app and desktop app keep team members fast and productive and their data secure, so they can view research, take notes, and collaborate on ideas when and where it counts.

Compliance Comes Standard

Hedge Fund Managers’ legal and compliance risks have risen tenfold in recent years due to strict regulatory burdens. Engineered to meet stringent regulatory requirements for record-keeping, data management, and communications monitoring. Bipsync’s suite of Compliance tools eases the burden of compliance for research analysts, boosts employee buy-in to compliance and security practices, and streamlines audit, reporting and discovery processes.

Emerging Assets

Hedge Funds worldwide are increasingly turning to research management software and other technologies that can aid in mining actionable insights from vast swaths of regular and alternative-data. This includes areas like cryptocurrency and ESG funds. Bipsync’s highly configurable dashboards, backed by its research management software capabilities and natively open API, allow for all sorts of data and information to be piped in and displayed exactly how you want it on the dashboard.

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Compliance at its Core

Integrated software that works where and how you do.

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Purpose-built secure compliance suite for Compliance Officers.
On-demand data retrieval, reporting and analytics.
Automatic versioning, logging and archiving.
A time-accurate and complete audit trail of every action taken within the platform.
Customizable access policies, authentication and authorization controls.

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